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Beewon Guest House

Beewon guest house is located on adjacent to chang-deok palace and also being operated in accordance with   traveler’s requirement.
Beewon is set along absolute rooms, adjacent to so popular places such as dong-dae moon and nam-dae moon  market   are located close by.
So many guest houses operate for foreign travelers now ,however, there aren’t appropriate places for them with   reasonable price and clean, cozy circumstance to stay.
Therefore I strongly recommend to stay us “Beewon guest house”.
There is no reason to suspect ours.
Beewon guest house prepared clean and cozy rooms with reasonable prices for traveler who are visited from in the   world.


BEEWON GUEST HOUSE    we’re welcome to you all who are planning to visit korea.

      28-2 Woonni dong Jong-ro gu Seoul

       TEL : 82-2-765-0670    FAX : 82-2-765-0677    E-mail : webmaster@beewonguesthouse.com

for more info about Beewon Guest Houes, click here.

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Kims Guest House

Seoul’s highest-rated backpackers hostel in Korea!

Kims’ Guest House (guesthouse) & Hostel Seoul  are located near Hangang River and its parks. These large parks along the river provide people a fresh atmosphere and many opportunities for rest and relaxsation. Most of all, our cosy and friendly house, with its lush gardens, gives our guests the opportunity for having a deep and peaceful rest.
We are near Hongik University (Hongdae area), which is famous for its art festivals, club cultures, night life and lots of inexpensive restaurants and bars. Hongdae area is known for its lively, easy-going and friendly atmosphere with many students and foreigners gathering from all over the world. 
 Seoul Kims hostel is located in central Seoul, South Korea, yet the setting is uniquely serene amidst  an ordinary Korean life style district, with more lively areas only moments away. Easy to get to, close to transportation, relaxed and friendly – we’re sure you’ll love it. The fluent English and Japanese speaking owner will provide you an easier and more enjoyable experience in Korea.

for more info and reservation, please click here.

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Looking for K-Pop Fashion Experts? Dress up your favorite KPOP superstar!

A LOUD shout out to all our global k-pop fans – the trend setters, fashionistas, and fashionistos!  How well do you dress? Are you truly stylin’?  What does your fashion-o-meter say about your style? Poor? Average? Great?

To those who declare themselves to be ‘fashion experts’ – here’s your chance to expose your “fashionique” (fashion technique).  You will have a chance to ‘dress up your favorite k-pop star.’   Do you have what it takes to style-em-up?

Mutnam, Korea’s No.1 men’s fashion mall (www.mutnam.com), presents- ’DRESS UP YOUR FAVORITE SUPERSTAR’ a survey-event to search for 5 fashion coordinators with extraordinary  ‘fashion-sense’ to dress up k-pop superstars.

We trust that all our k-pop fans are fashion coordinated, and thus, we believe that all of you are eligible to become one of Mutnam’s top 5 fashion coordinators.  Do you have what it takes to bring your k-pop star to a new level of stardom, or will you decorate them with the ‘worst-dresser of the year’ award?  Here is an opportunity to dress-up your favorite star.  Go take the survey and don’t miss out on this chance to become one of Mutnam’s 5 K-Pop fashion expert.

For more information about this, click here.

source : www.mutnam.com

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Ada Peminat Big Bang kat sini?

Ada promosi daripada Gmarket untuk anda.

Klik kat sini.

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Fly X-tra Long In 2012! from Air Asia

Booking Period; 9 Jan 2012 – 15 Jan 2012

Travel Period; 1 July 2012 – 27 Okt 2012

Apa tunggu lagi, book sekarang sementara stok masih ada!

klik di sini untuk tempahan.

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