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5 thoughts on “BOOK SEKARANG!

  1. Assalamualaikum, sorry ganggu lagi..saya izzati and iv been emailing your team for the past few days..sorry to flood your mail box ^^, but i’ve just made my confirmation and have yet to hear from you..i would really really appreciate it if you could reply to my emails, a simple yes would do..hehe..pls? sorry ya, tapi we are just worried if you are already occupied on those dates that we are going..i wanted to send you a message kat FB but i dont how to TT..this is my last resort to reach your team and i really hope you could reply to my emails..sorry again for taking your time and pls know that i really appreciate your time for reading this..cheers and may god bless you! thanks! =)

  2. silahkan promosikan website anda di

  3. azura edrus

    salam…saya dgn 4 org member plan nk gi korea dlm bulan oktober ni.kite org berminat untuk ambil pakej basic yg ditawarkan

  4. syafa

    xbole dah ke guna tiket ni?

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