Korea Grand Sale 2012

January and February 2012 will be a wonderful time to be a foreign visitor to Korea, as 21,000 shops are planning to go hold sales specifically with tourists in mind.

Almost every type of retail outlet — luxury department stores, restaurants, beauty salons and 24-hour convenience stores — will be offering significant discounts and free gifts for anyone toting a foreign passport and Korea Grand Sale coupons, which will be available on www.koreagrandsale.or.kr and other online and offline outlets.

The sale will also include a “One More Night Promotion” at 42 top hotels throughout the country, which will allow visitors staying longer than three nights at participating hotels will be able to stay one more night free of charge.

Free shuttle buses will be making the rounds throughout fashion districts such as Myeong-dong and Dongdaemun as well as Cheongdam-dong and Apkujeong-dong.

And what about Korean nationals, who may be feeling a little left out?

“We have been asking shops to offer discounts indiscriminately,” says a representative from the Visit Korea committee. “But participation in the sale is voluntary, as are the terms that each shop offers.”

Be on the lookout for Korea Grand Sale stickers on doors and windows of participating shops.

21,000 stores nationwide

January 9-February 29, 2012
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