Looking for K-Pop Fashion Experts? Dress up your favorite KPOP superstar!

A LOUD shout out to all our global k-pop fans – the trend setters, fashionistas, and fashionistos!  How well do you dress? Are you truly stylin’?  What does your fashion-o-meter say about your style? Poor? Average? Great?

To those who declare themselves to be ‘fashion experts’ – here’s your chance to expose your “fashionique” (fashion technique).  You will have a chance to ‘dress up your favorite k-pop star.’   Do you have what it takes to style-em-up?

Mutnam, Korea’s No.1 men’s fashion mall (www.mutnam.com), presents- ’DRESS UP YOUR FAVORITE SUPERSTAR’ a survey-event to search for 5 fashion coordinators with extraordinary  ‘fashion-sense’ to dress up k-pop superstars.

We trust that all our k-pop fans are fashion coordinated, and thus, we believe that all of you are eligible to become one of Mutnam’s top 5 fashion coordinators.  Do you have what it takes to bring your k-pop star to a new level of stardom, or will you decorate them with the ‘worst-dresser of the year’ award?  Here is an opportunity to dress-up your favorite star.  Go take the survey and don’t miss out on this chance to become one of Mutnam’s 5 K-Pop fashion expert.

For more information about this, click here.

source : www.mutnam.com

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